Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a solution for transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information.

Build your BI logic and using data mining tools for works with RDBMS, Cloud/SAAS and NoSQL databases.

Manage all your data easily on mobile devices.

Create your own reports and charts from the raw data.

  • Support Android P
  • Support Smart TV
  • Support all popular mobile platforms
  • Build-in chart generator
  • Support charts - Line, Bar, Horizontal bar, Histogram, Pie, Donut and Point
  • Support "rooted" devices
  • Available for iPhone and iPad

Business Intelligence

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Open local storages (json, csv, xml, sqlite)

Work with JSON, CSV, XML and SQLite databases

  Connect to cloud

Work with Web services, NOSQL DB, Cloud/SAAS and other online data sources

File Explorer with search tools

Explore your SD card

Data management tools

Use visual CRUD tools (create, read, update, delete) to manage a row data

Query Editor with SQL assistant

Execute your SQLite queries and manage the executed queries

Capture and sharing tools

Create screenshots from your charts, tables and share it

Export and Import tools

Save your important data in the cloud or the local storages

Chart generator

Create presentations from a raw data

  Available for Smart TV

Show your presentations on a big screen.

Supported Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV

Support for Android P

Allows support even those devices which have not yet entered the market


Show your reports on dashboard.


Allows you to search for reports


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