Air (Web Browser)

This app is an alternative web browser for mobile devices.


  • Smart searching
  • Voice search
  • Views browsing history
  • Allows add bookmarks
  • Association with http and https links
  • Allows view offline files
  • Build-in HTML editor
  • Works on Android P
  • Play HTML5 video
  • Support iPhone X and iPad

Security settings

  • Enable/disable javascript
  • Disable geolocation detection
  • Allows change "user agent" string to WebView, Windows, Mac OS, Empty, Air, Android, IOS, Windows Phone or set custom string

Air (Web Browser)
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Disable javascript and geolocation detection

Geolocation detection will disabled automatically after browser start

Browsing history and bookmarks

App remember all played media

Web page editor

Edit and open page again

Smart searching

Just tape the phrase

Full screen mode

Quick switch to full screen and back again

Works on Android P

Allows support even those devices which have not yet entered the market

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