About us

Mobile Solutions

We incorporate intelligence into our products

We develop a variety of products in different business areas. We specialize in artificial intelligence, predicting the future, data processing and search.

Search Engine

New search experience powered by AI

We have both solutions: a traditional search engine with page indexing and a search engine based on artificial intelligence. The data is collected by our search bot.

Artificial Intelligence

Our neural networks are growing

We collect data to train our machine learning models. We combine different techniques such as natural language processing and neural networks to achieve better results.

Envisioning the future

If it is possible to predict, then it is possible to change

We are trying to predict the future using neural networks and big data.


It is impossible to create a neural network without a dataset

We create our own datasets for training neural networks. The data is taken from the Internet or generated.


New advertising possibilities

We implement artificial intelligence in our advertising services, which gives more opportunities, makes advertising more creative and attracts more customers.


Easy way to view all our offerings in one place

We have our own apps that are constantly updated, as well as our own app store that allows all users to download apps in a convenient way without restrictions.


The combination of artificial and human intelligence has produced excellent results

The use of artificial intelligence has reduced support costs and minimized human involvement.