Human-robot collaboration

We develop artificial intelligence systems. We train them. We want people in the future to work less and rest more, to do what they want to do. We believe our developments will help with that.

Artificial intelligence should not be feared. People are happy for artificial intelligence to replace them in their jobs. But the media is spreading the idea that artificial intelligence is taking jobs away from people. But people are helping artificial intelligence where it is failing. They are already working together.

We do not want to depend on imposed opinions. We analyse. We want to figure things out for ourselves. We want to get to the truth. We don't believe in authority, we believe in facts. We want to be free to make our own judgements. We fact-check. We predict. Artificial intelligence is helping us. Soon our artificial intelligence will be able to predict instead of us.

We believe that our developments will help people in the future. We will be able to bring them together as a whole.