NFC Manager

App to read, write, erase and lock NFC tags


  • Determining the presence of NFC on the device
  • Open NFC settings
  • Read NFC tags
  • Write NFC tags
  • Erase NFC tags
  • Lock NFC tags
  • Save data to SD card
  • NFC information
  • Tested on real devices
  • Support Android P

Supported tags (short list)

IsoDep, NfcA, NfcB, NfcF, NfcV, Ndef. NdefFormatable, MifareClassic, MifareUltralight

NFC Manager

QRcode QRcode


Save data to SD card

Allows save all infromation to SD card

NFC information

Allows view information about NFC Controller

Tested on OpenNFC and real devices

Allows test many types of NFC tags in all modes

Support Android P

Allows support even those devices which have not yet entered the market


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