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Mobile Solutions

Neural Networks

What is Artificial Neural Network?

Artificial Neural Networks or Neural Networks are computing systems with interconnected nodes that work much like neurons in the human brain.

What do you use the NN for?

We use NN to performs human-like tasks in our services.

In what projects are neural networks used?

We use neural networks for our projects such as Artificial Intelligence, Forecasts, Search Engine and others.

Generative Adversarial Network

What is Generative Adversarial Network?

The Generative adversarial network (GAN) is a teacherless machine learning algorithm based on a combination of two neural networks, one of which generates samples and the other tries to distinguish correct from incorrect samples. Since the networks have opposite goals of generating samples and rejecting samples, there is an antagonistic game between them.

What do you use the GAN for?

We use GAN to generate new content.

Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is defined as the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to performs human-like tasks.

What do you use the AI for?

We use artificial intelligence in our apps and websites to show human-like behavior and give human-like responses.


What is Forecast?

Forecast is a prediction of what will happen in the future, taking into account past and present events.

Why are you predicting?

It is a decision-making tool that helps us deal with the impact of future uncertainty by examining historical data and trends.

What do you use in your predictions?

We use neural networks and artificial intelligence to create more accurate predictions.

Dynamic Translation

What is Dynamic Translation?

Dynamic translation is real-time translation of text.

What is the purpose of Dynamic Translation?

We use dynamic translation because our site is constantly changing.

Search Engine

What is Search Engine?

A search engine is a website that allows you to search for information on the Internet.

Why is a search engine designed for artificial intelligence?

The search engine is designed for artificial intelligence, so that it responds to human queries correctly.

Web Mining

What is Web Mining?

Web Mining is the use of data mining techniques to automatically discover web documents and services, extract information from web resources.

How do you do web mining?

We develop special robots (crawlers) that go to the site and look for the necessary data on the internet.

Big Data

What is Big Data?

Big Data is a series of approaches, tools, and methods for processing structured and unstructured data of huge volumes and considerable diversity to produce human-readable results.

What do you do with Big Data?

We process them. Based on the results, we try to improve our services.


What is Images?

Images is Image Search Engine.

What is Image Search Engine?

An image search engine is a tool that helps you find appropriate images to use in your site or application.

Are Images created for artificial intelligence?

Yes, AI also use the Images.

What is Ad Network?

The ad network connects businesses that want to publish their ads with sites that can place those ads.

What is the purpose of your Ad Network?

You can place ads on our network and they will be shown in our exclusive content.